Our A.I. Powered Chatbots And Pre-Built Automated Email Campaigns Will Bring You Sales Or You Don't Pay.

10 Day Free Trial • Then $499/Month • Cancel Any Time

You Can Easily Click-To-Cancel From Within The Software. Simply Go To "Settings", then "Billing", then "Modify Subscription."

Three Simple Steps To Seeing More Sales:

Step 1: Import your leads, customers, or prospects into RainMakerAI by pressing a button.

Step 2: Choose one of our pre-built, fully automated email campaigns. Edit the pre-written templates by adding your details or by using our A.I. email writer.

Step 3: Press "go" and see the results. It's literally that easy. If it doesn't make sales, you don't pay.

You Can Also Get New Leads And Make Sales Faster With Our A.I. Powered Chatbots!

A.I. Chat Bots Get Leads & Sales Fast

Our A.I. Chatbots aren't like the ones you're used to seeing.

They have a JOB ...and that job is to turn a stranger into a lead, answer their questions, overcome their objections, and help you make the sale ...FAST.

Simply give the bot your website and it'll train itself automatically ...so it'll know exactly what to say.

  • Works over SMS.

  • Works over Messenger.

  • Works over WebChat.

  • Works over DMs.

Turn Leads Into Sales NOW.

You know how they say "the fortune is in the follow up?"

They say it because it's TRUE.

RainmakerAI has 26 pre-built, fully automated, template based follow up campaigns you can start using immediately.

Email and SMS campaigns specifically built to ...

  • Turn new leads into sales or appointments ASAP.

  • Turn abandoned carts into sales within four hours.

  • Turn old "dead" leads into customers or appointments within 24 hours.

Have Questions? Talk To Our ChatBot!

You Could Have A Bot Like This Talking To YOUR Customers In As Little As A Few Minutes From Now!

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